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Oh-Box (Before Itelmatic): Automated Composite Tool Kit (CTK) in Stationary, Mobile and Depot versions

Oh-Track (before Iteltrac): Real-Time Tracking (RTLS). Worldwide indoor/outdoor visibility of items and persons. Designed to provide coverage in large areas requiring light infrastructure and no data carrier contracts.

Oh-Porto (before Portomatic): Automated individual tool kits with real time control. Portable toolboxes Fully automated.

Oh-Rack (before Rackmatic): Automated racks to control bigger equipment and other assets like power tools, portable kits, etc.

Video of IDZ's Solutions Applied to the Aerospace Industry

(Presented in Today In America" by Terry Bradshaw)


How it Works

Unlike systems that involve bar codes, scanners, or data entry, Ohel Technologies' system has no room for human error. Our processes and methodologies provide a high level of control at the individual tool/item level as well as at a toolbox/cabintet level. This is achieved by assigning individual RFID readers and tags for every tool, so every item is controlled in real time in its specific pocket. Administrators can see overviews, run reports, and set specific access control and drawer restrictions.

The Benefits

  • Real-time individual tool/Item inventory tracking
  • Full check in-out process automation
  • Utilization of existing infrastructure (used/existing tools and company ID cards)
  • Full accountability with multiple users
  • Adaptable enterprise technology that works with existing processes
  • True like-item accountability – the ability to distinguish between identical tools with no accountability loopholes
  • Simple - easy to learn and use, with universally identifiable symbols, colors, sounds and visualization to allow for quick system training and easily recognizable signals and alerts
  • Reduction of risk accidents due tools left in the work site (i.e. Foreign object damage)
  • Reduction of tools and equipment losses 
  • Expeditionary capability
  • Reduced man/hours per day at all personnel levels


All OHEL's solutions are protected by proprietary patents:

PAT NO. 7,557,709, PAT NO. 7,932,824, PAT NO. 2093726, Pat 8806, PAT NO. 8,270,140, PAT NO. 8,410,911, Pat No. 8,068,929, Pat No. 8,020,768, Pat No. 8,334,766, Pat No. 8,754,767