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Why should I switch to automated tool control or tracking solutions?

Our primary focus is to help you automatically maintain and account for tools on a daily basis. We do our job so that you can do your's more efficiently. Whether fixing aircraft, delivering equipment or parts or managing complex processes, your energy is needed on the task at hand.

What can I expect when I buy a product from Ohel Technologies?

You can expect a lasting partnership with a focus on YOUR mission. Our products undergo the most comprehensive quality checks in the industry. Our quality control continues and is tracked even after you purchase our products. Our solutions are specifically made to interact with a variety of other products and software that makes scalability easy if you decide to expand your process automation or tracking.

What is the price for the each of the Ohel Technologies solutions ?

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Tech Support Questions

What do I do if there is an error message on the machine?

Just like with any computer or electronic device, usually a system restart will reset the error. Just turn the machine off for 30 – 60 seconds and then back on again. If this does not work, call tech support.

Why am I being asked to swipe my card again?

When a user picks up a kit, the SSOE (Second Set Of Eyes) prompt appears asking for an additional user to verify that the kit is complete before it is taken. This process is repeated when the user returns the kit. This process is in place to ensure the accountability of your users.

How long will the machine last on batteries?

This depends on the number of batteries the machine is equipped with as well as the usage of the machine during the time that it is on batteries. Typically in a normal usage situation a machine with a three battery configuration will give a minimum of 16 – 20 hours without needing a charge. Additional batteries add more hours without needing a charge.

How can I tell if any tools are checked out and who has what tool?

The screen will tell you the status of the machine. If the Blue Itelmatic screen is showing then 100% of the tools for that machine are accounted for and checked in. If any tools are checked out, the screen will list all users with tools checked out and how many each user has. Select the user’s name and press the check button to see the list of tools that the user has.

How does a user mark a tool as needing service?

To mark a tool as needing service, highlight the tool using the arrow buttons, then press the “Need Service” button. The screen will show a prompt asking if the user is sure they want to take this action. If yes is selected, then the machine will ask for a CTK Custodian to swipe their card to verify that a custodian has been made aware that a tool is marked for service.