Oh-Porto is a customer and passive RFID based and automated Individual Tool Kit (ITK) or Portable Container designed to provide items automated inventory control.


Perfect for controlling inventory of tools in portable trays, Oh-Porto reduces the loss of tools and, thus, FOD. It also reduces man hours in the check in/check-out process of Individual Tool Kits (ITK’s).

Tech Specs

  • Oh-Porto contains tools with an High Frequency RFID chip attached to each tool.
  • Every RFID chip contains a DNA for each tool, providing a unique identification.
  • Information recorded on the chip includes: customer location identification, kit identification, compartment identification number, and pocket identification number.
  • Optionally, the last user identification and the date and time for the last check out can be recorded in the chip.  Adding this information might slow the check-in check-out process of the Oh-Porto.
  • Oh-Porto records all tools in the pockets every five minutes from the moment it is checked out until it is check back in.


  • Oh-Porto units can be stored in a Oh-Rack for a standalone use or in a CTK room controlled and administered by a CTK custodian.
  • When used with Oh-Trck system, Oh-Porto will appear on a map.  If a tool is lost, Oh-Track will show where the user and Oh-Porto (equipped with a location device) were when they removed the lost tool from the pocket and any other mechanics who were near at that time and after.


All OHEL's solutions are protected by proprietary patents:
OHEL's Oh-Porto Patents:
PAT NO. 7,932,824, PAT NO. 2093726, PAT NO. 8,410,911, PAT. NO. 8,068,929, PAT. NO.. 8,020,768