The Rackmatic consists of a configurable set of lockers equipped with Radio Frequency Identification capabilities that are based on the Pokayoke concept. This device is able to restrict user access to certain tools and record the actions of users and managers. This solution makes any mundane task, be it sending tools to TDY or “showing” a card inside of the locker, simple.


Rackmatic is a standalone solution which can be placed within or without a CTK room controlled and administered by a CTK custodian.

Tech Specs

  • Passive RFID based solution
  • Manager-operated from a central computer through a user-friendly, interactive interface


Rackmatic can be used to store Portomatics, any individual dumb boxes, equipment, or TO’s.

All IDZ's solutions include and are protected by its proprietary patents:
IDZ's Rackmatic Patents:
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